When I was in prison to serve my 2.5 years I had to let go of my pregnant wife and 2 year old son and Trust God with their wellbeing and survival for I could not help them any more as the bread maker of the house. My wife was new to United States because we were married in Armenia, our birthplace, and only married 2 years prior to sentencing.  I learned through my experience in prison that she needed more spiritual, emotional and financial support than I did.

Let me explain, I had my meals, laundry, and instant spiritual accountability within the 4 walls of my cell,  all free without charge thanks to tax payers money. On the other hand my wife had to purchase food, diapers and pay all the bills to survive.  She was very distracted and could not make time for church. It was extremely overwhelming for her especially because her English language was not yet established. That is why our Lord placed it in my heart to reach the loved ones of the incarcerated in any way we can. They need spiritual, emotional and financial support to get by while the bread makers serve their time.

As we reached the incarcerated we learned that they had needy families, so we want to make every effort to connect them to the nearest community Bible teaching church family. Through a church family they get spiritual and emotional support.  Some churches even have a benevolence fund to assist them with their household needs and bills. We have also provided employment opportunities for loved ones who are capable of working. We learned that for every incarcerated we reach, there is a potential of reaching 5-8 more family members of that incarcerated outside of prison.

This outreach has connected hundreds of families and kids that were none churched to a Bible based Christian Church where they are embraced, loved and now grow in their faith as they wait for their husbands, wives, daddies or mommies to get home from prison. The loved ones of the incarcerated are amazed that our ministry cares for their loved ones of incarcerated unconditionally and very much appreciates our support, and that is what builds trust between them and our ministry and why we can influence their families to connect with a Bible teaching Church family nearest them. We have witnessed the rewards of this outreach in my home church and what a blessing it is to see the great commission fulfilled through reaching the families of the incarcerated.