The Rescued Not Arrested (RNA) prison ministry reaches out to women who are incarcerated at any of the Maricopa County jails that house female inmates.  The large majority of women are housed at Estrella jail. Our women’s outreach is done in the form of one-on-one visits and Bible studies with individual inmates who have requested someone from RNA to meet with them.  These visits typically last from 30 to 90 minutes each.

Individual women or husband and wife teams are allowed to lead these one-on-one visits and Bible studies.  The RNA prison ministry is very conducive to husband and wife teams and provides the opportunity for couples to minister together.  We highly recommend and encourage couples to get involved in one-on-one visits.  We do not allow individual men to visit alone with the female inmates.

The RNA volunteer can visit the inmate in the same room that the general public uses with the inmate seated across a small table from you.  The inmate is handcuffed to the table in this instance, but you do get to speak to them face-to-face.  Or, you can use the private visitation rooms reserved for legal and privileged visits to see the inmates if such facilities are available at the time of your visit.  These are face-to-face visits with the inmates in a private room that is divided off into two sections that prevents actual physical contact with the inmate.  The inmate is not handcuffed.  And if the volunteer has a “Blue Badge” she can actually meet face-to-face with the unshackled inmate in their housing area if she chooses to do so.  Guards are on watch the whole time regardless of where you visit the inmate.

If you have a passion for reaching lost women who are earnestly seeking God’s truth and who are hungering and thirsting for God’s righteousness, this is the ministry for you or for you and your husband.  It will hone your Bible study skills and increase your knowledge of God’s word dramatically.  You will witness changed lives on behalf of those with whom you visit and will receive genuine appreciation from the inmates.  Remember, they are asking for you to come see them.  You will be blessed beyond belief as you experience the joy of sharing God’s word with the lost who are in such great need.  And as one of our inmates puts it, “You get to help turn a ‘mess’ into a ‘message’ ”.   These women are crying out for you.  Won’t you come help them?

I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields!  They are ripe for the harvest.”  John 4:35

Then I  heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”  And I said, “Here am I.  Send me!”  Isaiah 6:8