When I was incarcerated in 2003-2004 I asked my wife to send me a NIV Life Application Study Bible. At that time I was heartbroken because the pastor of the little church we passionately attended and supported prior to incarceration did not respond to my letters because they were too busy and I did not know where to turn to learn more about God.  I read and learned that God said in John 14:26,… “ But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” I took this scripture literally and prayed to my Father in heaven to use the NIV Life Application Study Bible to teach me all things about truth of the word. Because there were so many denominational perspectives and none essential differences amongst Christians I did not want to rely on human opinion for truth and I believed the Holy Spirit will translate the truth to me as I ask with pure motives and desire to know my father in heaven and His ways like never before.  Most everything I know I have learned in prison from the Holy Spirit using the tool of the NIV Life Application Study Bible. The commentary part of how to apply the word in my life was huge and of course the concordance, dictionary and maps added more support to my learning. So I realized I need strong Christians around me to hold me accountable and to worship with but we don’t really need to rely on their opinions to teach us all truth because God will be good to His promise of John 14:26 of teaching us all things through the Holy Spirit but we need a good tool He can use and for me that was the NIV Life Application Study Bible. That is why our ministry spends most of our donated funds in delivering the same NIV Life Application Study Bible to all incarcerated and their loved ones who request a bible free of charge. Since we started the bible ministry 1 year ago we have mailed out over 6,000 bibles to Arizona Department of Corrections, Federal Prisons, Juvenile prisons and County Jails. About 2,500 in NIV and 3,500 regular Bibles. Rescued Not Arrested is now the sole Bible provider for all County Jail facilities and AZ State Juvenile Correctional Department as well. Our ministry is also unique as we provide prescription eye glasses including eye exams to any inmates in need of vision screening.

I ask you to partner with us with your finances to continue providing this tool to the mass requests coming in each week and know that our ministry runs 100% on volunteer fuel and 100% of monies donated goes right back to meet the needs of the incarcerated and their loved ones. The hundreds of thank you responds we receive telling us they finally understand the bible like never before because of this Bible has been rewarding.