letter from the founder

Beloved partners and supporters,

Thank you for considering to partner and/or support our ministry. Rescued people rescue people!! I was miraculously rescued from capital punishment charges in 1997 for 2 counts of aggravated manslaughter while driving 120 miles per hour drunk and was only sentenced to 5 year probation. That experience was my Damascus Road opening my eyes to a new life in Christ basing my future on eternal perspective over the earthly one I had been consumed by way too long. I decided to shut down my national network of drug trafficking and start a new life selling auto insurance.
Eventually my past caught up with me and I was facing federal and state indictments that would bury me in prison for the rest of my life for conspiracy and drug trafficking charges arising from my prior lifestyle of sin in the early 1990’s. Again miraculously I was rescued from serving life in prison and was only sentenced to 2 year in Arizona Department of Corrections. God allowed an assassination attempt on (Billie Rosen) my prosecutor, plotted by the attorneys of the Mexican mafia the day before picking my jury. The Mexican Mafia was hoping to pin me for her hit but it backfired on them. Read my book, ‘Rescued Not Arrested” for details. She was removed from all cases and her supervisor stepped in and offered me a 7 year plea deal which was again miraculously overruled by my Judge Wilkerson to only 2 years in prison. God placed this ministry vision in my heart while I was serving my sentence. As a born again believer in prison I accepted my consequences for the bad choices I had made in the past and realized this was a true blessing in disguise and welcomed the sentence as a mission assignment from God. My personal experience in prison was essential to understand the hopelessness, helplessness and the brokenness of the least of these imprisoned and how that brought so much suffering to their loved ones. My pregnant wife and 2 year old son were facing the ripple effect of my bad choices and that was a painful pill to swallow for me. God used the NIV Life Application Study Bible to teach me the truth of His word and the principles of righteous living. As soon as I was released in December 2005, I launched the Prison Ministry vision through my own none profit 501c3 organization known as Life Changing
Prison ministry which was later adopted by my home Church that was named Christ’s Church of the Valley Prison Ministry only to outgrow to a separate entity known now as Rescued Not Arrested, Inc. The ministry provides hundreds of church services, one on one mentoring in jails and dozens of inmate baptisms each month in Arizona. Each year RNA distributes tens of thousands of English and Spanish NIV Bibles to hundreds of Chaplains nationwide and missionaries around the world. The word is spreading fast and more demand for free Bibles with free shipping is being requested weekly from prison chaplains and missionaries. Praise God!!!  Rescued Not Arrested is operated by 100% volunteers, another miracle!! Dozens of volunteers including me serve full time. All donations are used for the mission cause and majority of the funds are used to provide thousands of English and Spanish Bibles each year to chaplains and the incarcerated nationwide. Zondervan publishers has partnered with RNA providing all our Bible needs at a very reasonable
rate. In addition, RNA partnered with DES-Governor Ducey’s 2nd chance program to help inmates integrate into society successfully by providing them employment, housing, and accountability resources before they are released.

Rescued Not Arrested, Inc is a 501(C)3 Non Profit Organization. For tax-deductible purposes write your checks to Rescued Not Arrested.

Roger Munchian, Founder

Rescued Not Arrested